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I feel the season coming to and end. And it’s not just the weather.  I am deeply grateful for everything has taught me and for all the mistakes on the path. All the failures and the success. Al the faces, the pains and the gains. I mourn its end with great sadness and great joy. … Continue reading

“Don’t panic!”

Five months ago, in October, I was slowly moving to Italy, not really knowing what would come next and trying to get busy as quick as possible. I wrote a post titled Exercises of finding beauty: work in progress, setting few intentions. Now that winter ended and spring is dancing at my window, it is time for … Continue reading

Exercises of finding beauty: work in progress

I am moving back “home”. At the moment, this means that I am living with my parents, in the city from which I run away. At 32, after  ten years leaving alone and mostly abroad, this is a good challenge. I decided to turn this into a diary and an exercise, with the main intention … Continue reading

The energy flows where attention goes

Yesterday night, a circle of 10 women in their thirties gathered together. After some good food and wine, we started considering the effects of the “crisis”- . I wondered how it was possible that we all grew up with the perception of living in a “dark hole”. Where are the beauties of our homeland? Here … Continue reading

Light and focus