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Sustainable hospitality @ Casa robino

I  personally conceive the idea of sustainable hospitality on a double level: -sustainable in terms of environment (and here we do great but I agree with Laura and Sara that things should be bought locally and that money saved skipping the waste should be invested in better products) -sustainable in term of personal relations and … Continue reading

Poem for the roads

I can find you in the Red Hook skylines, in the subway of Bedford Ave, in the roads near MoMa, in the art of the streets, in the Chinatown I haven’t see, in the bed of the Snoopy Gang, in the eyes of people I meet because of you. You are here, and Casa teaches. … Continue reading

On the road to Odesa… and further on

Sooner that I could realize, the road caught us, flexible and free like a cat. Its yellow eyes blinking and silently smiling followed us, meanwhile we where following the flow of the events. Again and again the magic of things revealed itself in any rides and in the simple beauty of our encounters. Angels and … Continue reading

“Once upon a time: a woman with children…” Meeting Davide some years ago

This can be considered how Davide’s post titled “If you were a woman with child…” could have gone. I love to think that my story and Davide’s one are linked, that an alternative conclusion made by path crossing and time shifting, is possible. Today, I remembered my first contact with hitchhiking. I was only 7 … Continue reading

Lightfoot mission in Milan: community and freedom

With some delay I am going to share the Lightfoot mission almost accomplished in Milan in March. I have been traveling in a non-sustainable way to get to Milan, arriving at crazy night hours. The beautiful thing about beautiful friends is that they share their beautiful connection with you, so I was staying with Anna … Continue reading

Light and focus