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Exercises of finding beauty: work in progress

I am moving back “home”. At the moment, this means that I am living with my parents, in the city from which I run away. At 32, after  ten years leaving alone and mostly abroad, this is a good challenge.

I decided to turn this into a diary and an exercise, with the main intention to understand what is here and how can I make peace to it. I am mainly interested in observing the relationship between myself and my environment, experimenting in finding other ways to interpret of my personal story; other focus of my attention.

I give myself the 3 months of winter.

In this time I want to practice, following some principles:

– Observation- find ways to observe reality without judging it (no complain)

– Appreciation- look for simple beauty

– Contemplation- presence, silence, connection to nature

– Responsibility – towards my schedules and deeds

– Passion – looking deeply into what moves me and makes me wanna wake up and get out of bed.

I will collect findings, moments of tremblings and gifts here. 


About mirtillosmile

The Open Nest is a collection of living utopias. Of dreams, observations, experiences reported by Mirtillosmile. Mainly focused on sustainability, intentional living, and travel, this blog also includes nonsense reflections about art and life. Mirtillosmile grew up in Italy, where she had her first approach with groups of people voluntarily gathering together to reach a goal through mutual exchange of experiences, theatrical skills and random abilities. Back in the summer 2001, while the protests at G8 in Genoa were reaching the pick, a group of early 20s students were acting on a small stage. Pollicino was being transformed in a theater story that mixed Zen spiritualism, storytelling, fantasy and the reality of war. In 2003 she had the first symptoms of nomadic syndrome meanwhile moving to Portugal. Since then, she lived in Wales, The Netherlands, and now in Brooklyn. Mirtillosmile main activities include observation, participation, sharing. She is a film-maker, a photographer, an archivist, and most of the time a normal human being.



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